Yes, we can help you! If you are looking to lease a new car in South Florida, Gunther Mitsubishi has the resources to help make it happen. Here's how: Gunther Mitsubishi is one of the most well-respected automotive retailers in the region. Having been in business for 50 years, we have made excellent relationships with a network of lenders that cater to all types of buyers and every type of situation. Whether you've experienced a recent job loss, divorce, medical crisis, bankruptcy, foreclosure, charge-offs, and even a repossession, we can help you find a bad credit car lease. Here's the best part: we don't work with just one lender. We work with many. And all our lenders know that. Because of this, you will get the most competitive lease-rate for your situation! Read below to learn a little bit more about how we work, and what you can do right now to get off to a great start.

Car Leasing With Bad Credit, Made Easy

We want to focus on where you are and where you're going, not where you've been. Here are a few essential tips to get things moving in the right direction. A little homework now can translate into some serious savings. Make sure you have:

  • Your license or valid ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Bank statement and verifiable income (pay stub, tax documents)
  • Personal reference
  • Potential Co-signer
  • Review your credit report for FREE & dispute anything that's incorrect

The process couldn't be easier. Start by calling the credit reporting agencies and get your free report from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. You might be surprised by any inaccuracies. It is your right to dispute them, and this can help boost your score instantly. From there, have your current financial statements ready, and contact us to assist you with the credit application. We love hearing your stories, and you would be surprised at the weight that carries when we pick up the phone and talk to our lenders on your behalf.

Top Car Leasing With Bad Credit Scenarios

Regardless of credit histories, there is always some presiding situation that is at the forefront of our customer's mind. The following scenarios are some of the more common situations we see here, and should act as a helpful frame of reference for you:

  • You're drowning in a car payment.We see this a lot. You're a little way into your loan on a recent purchase, and the payment is just way too much. Maybe you've missed the last few payments and can't catch up. It's beating up your credit and your nerves. Worse yet, the car is now worth less as a trade than what you owe on the loan, and you are "sideways" or "flipped upside-down" to the tune of $2K, $5K, $15K, or more. A lease is a great way to resolve this problem. Why? Leases offer much lower monthly payments, the dealership owns the depreciation, and your inequity can be absorbed into your new monthly payment. This creates a no "open auto" scenario for you, and you're out of the woods.
  • You've been through tough times, and need a new car.Regardless of your credit circumstances, we can work with what you have, where you are, to help you where you need to go. Everyone's situation is different, but in general, lenders love to see you put some money down. This demonstrates your commitment to satisfy the loan and lowers the risk for them. The result is usually a better rate and flexible term for you.
  • You're super-wealthy & your credit is horrible.Believe it or not, this happens all the time. We have many guests with phenomenal sums of money in the bank and really poor credit scores. Why? Typically, everything is purchased in cash, and that phone you had 6 years ago that was never closed when you moved has an outstanding cancellation fee 6 years in the making. Yes. We can help you too, as we have with so many others.

Gunther Mitsubishi Values Your Business

Sure. Tier-1 credit is a slam dunk. And that's nice for the 1%. If you're like the rest of us, we have many things on our mind and don't want to stress about "bad credit leasing a car" scenarios. That's where we step up for you. Let us hear your story. Let us help get your materials in order. Let us help you pick a car to suit your objectives. Let us work hard, so you don't have to. The new vehicle that you're hoping to lease from Gunther Mitsubishi is within your reach. Let us help you find a bad credit car lease and drive it home to get on with more important things.

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