You need a new ride, and Gunther's got the quality used cars that will make it happen without the hassle. Let's face it; buying used cars can be tough, right? So many questions like "Where did it come from?" or "How well was it cared for?" dominate the search. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could count on a trusted source like Gunther to provide you with great used cars in addition to providing you with ways to make taking one home easier than ever? Check out our used cars with low mileage or scroll down to see how we're determined to make this your best purchase yet.

We Love Our Used Cars

This is probably the biggest reason why you should consider our used cars for sale. We filter out all the headaches, so you don't have to deal with them. If we don't love it, we don't sell it. We want all of our used cars to result in success stories for people, and we'll never risk your disappointment by selling something we don't believe in. Here's just some of the love that goes into all of our used cars:

  • Every used car is inspected by our technicians.
  • From there, each vehicle is road tested.
  • If everything checks out, we service what's needed.
  • If the vehicle is a recent used Mitsubishi lease return, we'll go the distance and certify it.
  • Once service is complete, we'll sanitize and detail the vehicle.
  • From there, we'll include a vehicle history report for total peace of mind.

We love our used SUVs for sale, too! The same rules apply. If it's here, it's because we believe in it. Taking one for a test drive is usually all you'll need to make up your mind, so browse, click, and let us know which one is your favorite. We'll take it from there.

What About Used Cars With a Warranty in South Florida?

No problemo. You'll find plenty of those, too. Whether it's one of our used Mitsubishi cars for sale or a rockin' off-brand, we've got the vehicles with warranties you need. Here's what to look out for:

  • Remaining New Car Warranty - Let's say you find a Mitsubishi Outlander used from 2018. The odds are she'll still have the balance of her 10yr/100k-mile warranty left. Hop in and keep on going!

  • CPO or Previous CPO - A certified vehicle warranty gives you confidence for the long haul. While we can only certify the house brand, it's not uncommon to find an off-brand vehicle here that was previously certified. In some cases, that existing CPO can transfer to the new owner. If you're curious, please ask!

  • 3rd Party Warranty - If the vehicle you love is without any coverage, ask our finance specialists about the vendors we use on select used cars for sale in South Florida. Need a used-car warranty? Gunther can make it happen.

We want you to love what you drive. When you shop at Gunther Mitsubishi, you can rely on our commitment to your satisfaction.

Get It at Gunther Mitsubishi in Coconut Creek, FL

Whether you're on the hunt for a used Mitsubishi Eclipse or that needle in the haystack you've been dreaming about, your team at Gunther is here to help. One parting thought: Most people come to us for used cars because they target a specific payment. It's a pretty common occurrence that those same guests will leave in one of our new cars for sale. Mitsubishi is the brand that makes quality and performance affordable. Give us a shot. You'll leave here with something you love.

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