What Is The Meaning Of The Mitsubishi Logo?

Mitsubishi Logo

Have you ever wondered what the Mitsubishi logo means? Yataro Iwasaki founded the Mitsubishi company over 150 years ago, primarily as a maritime shipping company. Over the last century, Mitsubishi has been involved in diverse industries, including holdings in nuclear power, chemical production, manufacturing, banking, optics, and automobiles. But what does the three red diamonds logo have to do with anything? Discovering the meaning of any logo's origin and symbology can feel like a treasure hunt and forever change how we look at the brands we love. Scroll below to start your journey to the real meaning behind the Mitsubishi logo.

Clue #1: What Are the Origins of the Mitsubishi Company?

The number three has always had a special ethereal significance for ancient people. Three of almost anything is recognized as a symbol of strength, movement, and in some cases, transcendence. Yataro Iwasaki's lineage stretches back for centuries. His ancestors believed in the power of three so much that alternative family crests always embraced a three-shaped pattern to some degree - particularly his mother's and father's families. Both clans had a three-shaped crest: most notably the three oak leaves symbolic of the place of his birth and the diamond shape from his father's family crest. When you take the three-tiered shape from his father's crest and replace the leaves of the oak tree crest from his maternal side, you get the rudimentary Mitsubishi logo as we know it today.

Clue #2: Why Is The Mitsubishi Symbol Red?

You've undoubtedly noticed the color red in the Mitsubishi emblem. Is it arbitrary, or could there be a deeper meaning? The color red has an important place in Japanese iconography. Since their earliest creation myths, red has always been believed to scare away evil spirits. Thus, many relics and good luck charms are seen with red adornments. In later times, Samurai culture adopted red not only for luck and good fortune but also for its association to the obvious: blood. Blood was rightfully considered a primary life force, and to wield that color meant that you were strong, powerful, and often frightening.

Iwasaki's family also had three core values: reliability, integrity, and success. As the Mitsubishi logo and company became more defined, he noted that each one of the red diamonds stood to illustrate these essential qualities. In fact, the modern Mitsubishi company has a special division that governs all logo usage to make sure that nothing conflicts with this brand value message.

Clue #3: How Has the Mitsubishi Logo Changed Over Time?

The Mitsubishi logo has gone relatively unchanged over its century and a half life cycle. The earliest versions of the logo resemble the three-leaf orientation of the oak leaves from the Yamauchi Crest. As time has gone on, the diamond shape of the Iwasaki Crest has broadened to what we know it to be today. Now that's the symbology. But what about the word itself: Mitsubishi? Where does that come from?

The three-leaf oak symbol of the Yamauchi Crest is called Mitsu-Gashiwa, or translated as three oak leaves. The Iwasaki Crest is called Sangai-bishi, or translated as three-tiered water chestnut. Take the prefix and the suffix from both, and you get Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Logo Pop Quiz Time

Ok. So now it's time to test your Mitsubishi symbol knowledge. We've got three questions ready for you to answer to see if you've become a Mitsubishi-meaning master! And hey, not to worry, we provide the answers, too!

The three diamonds in the Mitsubishi logo are a fusion of Yataro Iwasaki's family crests. Fortuitously, the Iwasaki family had three core values: integrity, reliability, and success. Each of the three diamonds is representative of those values.

The word Mitsubishi is a combination of a prefix and suffix from his family crests. Mitsu means three, and bishi means water chestnut.

What is the Mitsubishi slogan?

The official corporate slogan is Drive your ambition. Emotional, powerful, and inspired, this slogan is tied to mobility both literally and figuratively. The slogan is also a call to action for its customers to chase their dreams and use a Mitsubishi to help them get there.

Now, what pop quiz would be complete without a surprise question! Do any of you know? For over 30 years, Mitsubishi has partnered with Jackie Chan to be a brand ambassador. Though he is not formally an owner of the company, Jackie Chan landed an incredible deal with Mitsubishi long before his rise to superstar status in the US. Did you know that a Mitsubishi vehicle is in every Jackie Chan film? Mitsubishi has also built Jackie Chan a special Mitsubishi Lancer known as the Jackie Chan Edition (only 50 in existence). Jackie Chan loves Mitsubishi racing so much that there is also a race named after him, which is known as the Jackie Chan Cup!

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