If you are looking to finance your next vehicle with challenged credit, Gunther Mitsubishi can help. We've been in business for 50 years in Florida, and during that time, we've developed a vast network of lenders that cater to every situation. We've facilitated many subprime car loans and have the experience and the clout to help you on your way. The hard part is over. You found us, your local bad credit car dealership willing to work with you. So let's take a moment to look at some tips and scenarios that will help make your upcoming purchase a success.

Auto Financing For Bad Credit Made Easy

Regardless of your circumstances, there are a few basic things to have in place that can greatly improve the outcome on your next loan. The following list includes essential items that you'll need to let us get things in order for you:

  • Your license or valid ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Bank statement and verifiable income (pay stub, tax documents)
  • Personal reference
  • Potential Co-signer
  • Review your credit report for FREE & dispute anything that's incorrect

With all that in place, you're steps ahead of the game. Many people are surprised to find mysterious items on their credit reports. Home-loans that aren't yours, vacation packages that you never bought, and on and on. By reviewing your 3-bureau credit (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) score, you can quickly determine items on your credit history that need to come off. It is your right to dispute them, and once resolved, you can have an instant boost to your credit score.

The next step is to avoid those sketchy car dealerships for bad credit places. Most of those outfits that advertise "buy-here, pay-here" solutions use lenders known for predatory lending. The rates are often so high that the loan itself does nothing to help you out of your current situation. Some experts have even argued that such loans are designed to make you default, so the car can be repossessed and sold again and again while keeping you on the hook for the balance of the loan! You don't need that.

When you shop with us at Gunther Mitsubishi, we will identify your needs, hear your story, and work with you and our lenders for the best rate possible. It always helps to have some money to put down as this lowers the risk for the lender. In most cases, the more you can put down, the better your rate and the more flexible they can be on the term. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind while shopping for a payment is the vehicle's price, the amount you can put down, and the term of the loan. You'd be amazed at how low your payment will be if you put some money down and can extend the loan to 84 months. Car dealerships that accept bad credit do so for various reasons, but as we've discussed, make sure that the loan is structured to help you, not put you further behind.

Benefits Of Buying a Car With Bad Credit

Maybe you don't have bad credit. Maybe you have new credit. Perhaps you have no credit. There's almost nothing better to boost your credit score than making regular payments on an auto loan from a trusted bad credit car dealer. If you combine that with resolving inaccuracies on your credit history, you are well on your way to turning your credit life around! Thinking of buying a new home in the near future? This is one of the best ways to get your financial house in order… so you can get your new car in the driveway of your next dream house! Gunther Mitsubishi wants to see you happy and living life without the worry or hassle. Give us a call at our finance center and lets us show you the difference that your friends at Gunther can make!

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