Mitsubishi SUVs For Sale In Coconut Creek, FL

We love showing off our selection of Mitsubishi SUVs at our lot here in Coconut Creek, FL, because it's a dazzling display of dynamic designs in myriad striking colors that are always exuding excitement. Once you're actually able to get inside our set of versatile and vibrantly painted SUV models, you'll realize that, as well as having thrilling looks, they're thrilling to drive.

We're proud to be a complete dealership that offers several ways for local drivers to find their next model. Our staff is also second to none and loves helping our neighbors drive home a car that they love. We have a wealth of SUVs, electric cars, and sedans for lease; used SUVs for sale; and several new releases that our team is among the first to know about.

New Mitsubishi SUVs Available Now in South Florida

Our Mitsubishi SUV models make for a lineup that can take your crew wherever they want to go. Pile your most precious passengers into these spacious models that have transformable layouts that can cater to your preferences. Need more space to fit a piece of furniture or a new plant for the backyard? It takes just seconds to make your cabin ready to roll in the formation you need.

The newest Mitsubishi SUVs for sale are all available right now at our dealership, and we're already hearing a ton of positive comments about how these cars are making weeks easier and weekends a blast.

The 2022 Eclipse Cross is one such model, and it's easy to see why families enjoy the character of this crossover. It seats five comfortably, has a digital cockpit loaded with up-to-date technology features, and makes safety a key priority. You'll never leave the house again without lane-departure warning or a suite of safety features that include forward collision assistance that detects pedestrians or wayward objects around your perimeter.

Mitsubishi SUV Models

Want to fit more? We're glad you asked. Try on the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander for size; it's a big-bellied beauty that can fit up to seven passengers. You'll never have to sacrifice cargo space for passenger volume again, or vice versa. This large car was created for everyone to be able to have plenty of personal space, plus there's power for both the driver and the tablets plugged in from the back row.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is also available alternatively as the Outlander Sport and in the new 2022 Outlander PHEV.

Mitsubishi SUV Reviews & More in Coconut Creek, FL

When you bring home the new Outlander PHEV, you'll wonder how you never had all the things it provides before. Enjoy a solid all-electric range, remote access to your car from your connected smartphone, a linked smart screen up front, and of course, mind-blowing fuel efficiency. You'll gain power as you slow down in this PHEV model, and charging this rapid battery is a breeze.

No matter what you're looking for in your next model, you can find it in our diverse selection of Mitsubishi SUVs. From the smaller silhouettes to the massive dimensions of the Mitsubishi Outlander, our lineup has a wide range of characteristics and stylish accents you're sure to love.

If you have questions you'd like answered about our Mitsubishi SUV models, come down to our location today and sit down with one of our showroom staff members. These vehicle experts can easily explain everything you'd like to know about our cars, such as Mitsubishi Outlander towing capacity or the common charging time of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. When you need an answer or a helpful suggestion about your next car, our location should be your next stop.