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At Gunther Mitsubishi in Coconut Creek, the service technicians in our tire center have everything you need to make sure your tires are working properly. Whether you drive a Mitsubishi or any other automaker, our service department is here to help with things like wheel service and tire replacement. If your tires are too old or damaged, you are far more likely to get in an accident. We offer the proper OEM tires at our dealership to ensure that you aren't getting some cheap tires from the corner store. We have tires that are made exactly for your vehicle. And, we have coupons and specials for new tires as well! Learn more about what we offer below.

What Types of Tire Repair Do You Offer?

Tire repair is far more than just buying new tires if your tires get worn down. Before you spring for new tires, we'll see if one of our tire repair services can get you back on the road, first. There are several types of tire and wheel service that your car regularly needs to stay safe on the roads in South Florida. Usually, we can do most of these services when you are in for a routine oil change or brake repair. But we know that things happen. So you can get these tire repair services anytime:

  • Tire Alignment: It is important for you to realign your tires every once in a while, especially if things seem out of place. You'll know that your tires are misaligned if you experience weird vibrations in the steering wheel or if your car pulls to one side while driving. How can this happen? A lot of ways. We have seen it all. Accidentally hit the curb while parking? Couldn't avoid the giant pothole in the road? It happens. But these things cause misalignment. If you experience any of these, it is important that you schedule service with us in Coconut Creek as soon as you can.

  • Tire Pressure: Sure. It's fairly obvious that if you run over a nail and have a completely flat tire, you probably need tire repair. But, sometimes, you may have low tire pressure without it being so obvious. Your owner's manual should have the proper pounds per square inch recommended for your certain vehicle. If that number is off, come see us. You also may notice that your low tire pressure light illuminates while you're driving in Coconut Creek. That's a telltale sign, too. Even things like weather conditions or not driving your car for a long time can affect tire pressure. Come see us if you need more air!

  • Tire Replacement & Rotation: Sometimes we have to tell our customers the cold hard truth. It's time for new tires. Luckily our tire center has a great selection. How do you know if you need tire replacement? We tell our customers to make a habit of checking their tires every once in a while. Do they look worn down? Do the grooves look dull or missing altogether? Some of these problems can be fixed with a simple tire rotation. This is where we change each tire's position, so you even out the wear on each tire. If you waited too long to see us, it might be time for new tires.

Get Your Tire Repair Service in Coconut Creek

We truly believe in transparent, efficient, and quick service. Our technicians are extremely passionate about cars and making sure they run properly. They want your experience to be a great one. And, if you are a Mitsubishi driver, there are many perks to buying tires from a Mitsubishi dealer, like road hazard coverage and a vast selection. Let us show you that tire repair can be a breeze. Schedule service with us in Coconut Creek today. You'll be glad you did.

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