Don't stress! This is where buying a quality used vehicle becomes the oasis you've been looking for in a desert of awful experiences found elsewhere. The Gunther family has been in business for over 50 years in Florida, and we know what it takes to keep you happy, keep you moving, and keep you feeling great about your purchase. The vehicle to suit your busy Fort Lauderdale lifestyle is below in our inventory, as well as everything you need to know about the Gunther family difference!

Buying Reliable Used Cars For $15,000 Or Less In Fort Lauderdale Is FUN

Yes. FUN. Remember that? A great experience is our goal with every car, every customer, and every time. We know you have your questions. We know you have your concerns. And we're going to address them here to give you the confidence you need. First question: Where do all these amazing used cars under $15K come from? Simple. From caring drivers like you, right here in the Fort Lauderdale area. These vehicles are recent trade-ins for the latest Mitsubishi models. Once they're in our hands, we do our research. We see real market data for other like-vehicles, and we price them aggressively to the market to give you some of the best-used cars under $15,000! If they are available from us for purchase, it means we believe in them and their ability to give you the kind of transportation you are looking for.

We're Thinking Of a Magic Number. Spoiler Alert: It's Less Than $15K

The next question we get a lot of is, "Why less than $15K?" Our answer? Why not!? As we said before, we use local Fort Lauderdale pricing data as well as national data to price these vehicles competitive to actual selling figures - not vague windows of what "it might be worth." Each car is inspected, serviced, sanitized, and detailed to ensure a great experience with total peace of mind. We provide you with the CARFAX, and if you like, we'd be happy to share the inspection and service report with you, too!

The Fun Continues With Finance In Fort Lauderdale

Most Fort Lauderdale customers love these vehicles because they make easy cash purchases. That said, many of them are priced well below $15K, which means if you have new credit, no credit, or need bad credit car financing, these loan amounts are so small that your monthly payment may be way less than what you think. While many of these vehicles are new enough to have some remaining new car warranty, extended coverage is also available from our finance department, and guess what? You can roll that into your monthly payment, too! You can't do that with the mystery-mobile you found on Craigslist. And this brings us to a question we have for you. Why should you buy here? The answer? Accountability, credibility, and dependability. We are here for you. We sell cars, trucks, and SUVs all day, and we have a vested interest in keeping our local team in Fort Lauderdale on the road and happy! We want you to love your vehicle, and we want you to tell your friends and family that at long last, you have found the secret to getting a great car in Fort Lauderdale: from your friends at Gunther Mitsubishi.

Shop Online Today, Take It Home Tomorrow

We hope that you have enjoyed browsing our exciting inventory of used cars for under $15K. Fort Lauderdale is our home, too, and our reputation rides alongside every quality used vehicle we sell. As soon as you have found your favorite, reach out and contact one of our sales specialists to help you lock yours up and take it home before someone else does. While you're chatting with them, make sure to ask about our service specials for continued car-care close to home. You can always come to Gunther Mitsubishi in Fort Lauderdale for long-term service and reliable maintenance from the place that sold you the car. Lastly, every few customers or so will browse this list of vehicles and realize that our prices are SO good that a lease on a new car is also possible. So whether you've got tier-1 credit or need one of our bad credit car leasing solutions, Gunther Mitsubishi of Fort Lauderdale has got your back! Give us a call; we're waiting to help you!

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